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Business/Corporate Law Services in Clearwater

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    Business-savvy Attorneys at Clearwater, Florida, Offer Forward-Thinking Business/Corporate Law Services

    Owning a business in Florida can be a complex matter depending on the business structure and the services or goods you offer. No matter how easy or hard it may seem, there is a myriad of legal issues to consider as a small business owner in Florida.

    For business owners in Clearwater, Florida, it is important to understand the federal and state laws and how to proceed in case a legal issue occurs. Business law in Florida covers vast areas such as Business and Entity Formation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Reorganizations, and Asset Restructuring, Contracts, Franchising Services, and Corporate Governance.

    IMUDIA LAW business attorneys have many years of legal experience in representing all kinds of corporations and businesses. Our lawyers assist clients in all kinds of legal processes ranging from operating entities to negotiation and drafting of related documents. We are experienced in general counsel to numerous privately and publicly held corporations and other kinds of business entities.

    We, at IMUDIA LAW, believe in providing each client with specific kind and level of services they require. We take time to learn about the business in order for us to provide each client tailored legal services. Our lawyers have backgrounds in business and bring that experience to bear when addressing each client’s individual requirements.

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    Business Law Attorneys at Clearwater Represent Clients in Vast Practice Areas

    The corporate world is a fast-paced jungle where predators are waiting to ambush their competitors who are not prepared for the dangers. Do not fall prey to business rivals, volatile market forces, and greedy partners.

    Attorneys at IMUDIA LAW work tirelessly to secure and achieve the results you deserve. Whether you are looking to create a business or thinking of expanding the horizons of your company, our attorneys have the skill, experience, and dedication to finding solutions for all your corporate problems.

    Business and Entity Formation

    The type of business structure you choose for your company will affect the financial and tax liability for you and any co-owner. Several major types of business entities have their unique pros and cons. The type of business structures that you can form in Clearwater, Florida, includes Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Sole Proprietorships, and Non-Profits.

    Mergers & Acquisition

    Some businesses may reach a point where it makes sense economically to join with another business for benefit of all the people or parties involved. Businesses of all sizes consider mergers and acquisitions by either joining together with another company or under the umbrella of a larger company. Our corporate mergers and acquisition lawyers have the skill and experience to offer you thoughtful legal advice.

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate governance includes all the documentation regarding its incorporation, minutes, bylaws, shareholder materials, locations where it does business, board member information, previous deals, organizational charts, corporate reorganizations, policies and procedures, codes of conduct, press releases, and more.

    Franchising & Licensing

    Our franchising attorneys have immense depth of knowledge and skill in advising and representing domestic and international franchisors in all facets of their franchise processes, operating and selling their franchises, single-unit and multi-unit franchise operators, operation of franchise companies, and more.


    A contract is a legally binding agreement among parties. Businesses enter contracts every day whether dealing with partners or clients. A person needs to fully understand the terms of the contract that will bind the parties together before entering into one. Our attorneys are well-experienced and can assist you with all the aspects of the contract law.

    Choosing a Corporate Lawyer in Clearwater, Florida for Litigation and Business Torts

    Whether you are prosecuting a claim or defending against a claim, our law firm in Clearwater, Florida keeps you informed about the decision-making regarding any litigation ruling that is aligned with the goals of your business.

    Call us today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our skilled and experienced attorneys about your case and explore all the legal options in Florida.