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Family Law Services in Clearwater

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    Experienced and Compassionate Family Law Services in Clearwater, Florida

    When you and your family are going through life-altering events such as divorce, it can be an upsetting, emotional, and traumatic time for those involved in the situation. Lawsuits or matters involving family law are often complex and sensitive. Each comes with its own set of distinct challenges. A competent and compassionate legal representation is so essential while navigating through these troubling waters. Florida family law proceedings can have a deep impact on you and your family’s lives. So, you require a team of experienced and knowledgeable Family Law Attorneys. The seasoned lawyers at IMUDIA LAW offer dedicated family law services in Clearwater. They strive to protect the best interests and rights of their clients and their families. Our top-notch family attorneys at Clearwater hold a proven track record of successful cases. Our family law lawyers and staff at Clearwater, Florida are quite aware of the psychological and emotional impacts of the divorce, child custody, and other matters that can affect a family. IMUDIA LAW Firm supports you legally and emotionally at every step of the case. We keep you apprised about the pros and cons of your case and work with you to find a way out. Are you in an unhappy marriage? Consult us for guidance.

    Family Law Attorneys at Clearwater Hold Experience in Vast Practice Areas

    At IMUDIA LAW Firm, our lawyers not only try cases, they also try to resolve the case through negotiations and mediations. If no agreement is reached, we go to trial. With offices in Clearwater, Tampa, and Bradenton, our resources are broad enough to provide proficient legal services at local, State, and Federal levels giving special attention to each case. Our family law lawyers at Clearwater represent the following matters including but not limited to:
    Otherwise known as the dissolution of marriage in Florida, divorce can be a difficult and emotional process from the initial case management conference to litigation. The lengthy and traumatic process involves child custody agreements, property division, and more. Whether you are ready to file or just thinking about ending your marriage, our divorce attorneys at Clearwater can guide you through various options.
    Certain cases require paternity to be established in court. Florida Law allows that any man who believes he is the father of the child, any woman who is pregnant or has a child, or any child may bring the matter to the court for the determination of the paternity of the child when it’s not previously established. Our paternity lawyers can help in a way beneficial to your child.
    Child Custody and Time Sharing
    Time-sharing in Florida refers to the legal guardian status, caretaking, and residency responsibilities of a child after the divorce of their parents, legal separation, or paternity decree. One parent is awarded physical child custody and the other is given visitation rights. Our child custody lawyers strive to work for the best interest of the child.
    Alimony is the financial support provided to a spouse or former spouse by her or his former spouse. The objective of alimony is to provide a former spouse with all the necessities of life as established by the marriage. Our divorce lawyers are a pro at handling this part of the separation and ensure to offer you fair and beneficial outcomes.
    Other Areas
    Apart from the above services, our attorneys also deal with:
    • Child Support
    • Marital Property Distribution
    • Annulment
    • Relocation
    • Adoption
    • Prenuptial & Post-marital Agreements
    • Guardianship
    • Juvenile Court Orders

    You Can Count on Our Family Law Services at Clearwater, Florida

    The nuances and laws surrounding family law issues are complex and sensitive. No need to struggle alone through these challenging times. Let us help you! Our family lawyers at IMUDIA LAW Firm, Clearwater, Florida handle your case with the endeavor to protect your rights and get you the deserved justice.

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